Ultimate Traders Program

The Ultimate Traders Program is a unique, comprehensive training program for new as well as advanced traders.  The program provides all the necessary tools to assist you on your journey to become a successful trader, whether you trade FOREX, Cryptocurrencies, Equities or Indices.  Choose between Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby or Diamond Membership and get access to all the tools and expertise to become a successful trader.  The Ultimate Traders Program focuses on five areas namely:

FOREX Course

FOREX Online Trading Courses

The FOREX Online Trading Courses form the foundation of The Ultimate Traders Program.

Join the program and receive access to the complete FOREX Trading Video Course, suitable for new as well as advanced traders.

Simply log into the website and watch the course videos when it suits you.

Daily Online Coaching

The Daily Online Coaching videos are an essential component of The Ultimate Traders Program.  Follow and learn from an experienced trader:  Get access to fresh, online coaching videos with potential trade setups, every weekday morning, to help you make potential trading decisions quickly and easily.

Johan identifies and explains low risk trade setups with potential high reward outcome, regardless of whether the market is bullish or bearish.

Learn Trading

Live Group Session Coaching & Mentoring

Live Group Sessions

Members of The Ultimate Traders Program can attend our full-day Live Group Sessions for free, as part of their program.

Take live trades in the market, meet other traders and share experiences.

Lunch, snacks, coffee & tea are included.  Seats are limited, please book in advance.

Live Webinar

Join The Ultimate Traders Program and follow an experienced trader in action!  Johan gives detailed trade plans from entry to exit, with step-by-step live commentary.

Johan executes live trades, using 5-Min, 15-Min and 1-Hour FOREX charts in real time.

Members of The Ultimate Traders Program receive free access to webinars as part of their program.  Bookings are open until the day before the Live Webinar takes place.

Live Webinar

Private FOREX Coaching

Private FOREX Coaching

Members of The Ultimate Traders Program receive free private FOREX Coaching sessions, as part of their program. 

Johan provides personal attention and customisation of strategies for individual needs.

Apart from private FOREX Coaching, Johan also provide members with private coaching on Equities, Cryptocurrencies and Indices.  Please book well in advance to secure your time slot!