Johan Malan: trader and coach: FOREX, Cryptocurrencies, Equities & Indices.

About Johan

Technical trader, coach and mentor.


I am a full-time trader, coach and mentor that has been teaching Technical Analysis trading strategies since 2003. I trade Forex, Gold, Oil, as well as International Indices. I’m also the founder and Director of Find Your Independence (Pty) Ltd.

Financial Markets provide excellent opportunities for wealth creation. However, I’m a born educator, and sharing my knowledge and experience is what truly makes me feel alive. I’ve helped hundreds of people become successful full-time traders through my unique, hands-on teaching methods.

I’m passionate and committed to making a difference by providing excellent training tools together with ongoing coaching and support. It’s gratifying to see new and seasoned traders become successful by applying the tools and information I’ve provided.

Enjoy the road to financial freedom with me and trade well!

It’s gratifying to see ordinary people become successful traders by applying the tools and information I’ve provided.

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