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Forex Mentorship

The Ultimate Traders Program

Everything you need to become a successful trader:

  • FOREX Courses & Strategies
  • Daily Coaching Videos
  • Live Group Sessions
  • Live Webinars
  • Private FOREX Coaching
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FOREX Mentorship

The Ultimate Traders Program

The Ultimate Traders Program is an all-inclusive FOREX Mentorship Program suitable for new, as well as experienced traders.  As a result, it has everything you need to become a successful trader.  Not only does the program consist of a theoretical section, but also practical hands-on parts, to provide a complete learning experience.  Most importantly, you will have a FOREX Mentor by your side while you execute live trades from entry to exit!

Become a successful trader
Become a successful trader

Johan Malan has been a full-time Trader, Coach and FOREX Mentor since 2003. He is passionate to share his broad knowledge of the markets, as well as years of trading expertise. Johan makes use of both unique and practical, hands-on teaching methods. As a result, you will receive all the necessary support to help you become a successful trader. The program is suitable for both new and experienced traders.

FOREX Course
FOREX Trading Course

Our Online FOREX Trading Course forms the foundation of the FOREX Mentorship (The Ultimate Traders Program). The course has 14 lessons, and each lesson consists of between 3 to 8 short online videos. In other words, it's a comprehensive online FOREX Trading Course, suitable for new as well as experienced traders.

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Daily Coaching Videos

Get access to daily online coaching videos for quick and easy trading decisions! In other words, Johan explains potential trade setups every weekday morning. However, members of the FOREX Mentorship can log into the website and watch the coaching videos. Most importantly, it's like having a FOREX Mentor by your side while you execute live trades!

Live Group Sessions
Live Group Sessions

Not only can you follow an experienced Trader and FOREX Mentor/Coach in action, but also meet other traders. During the Live Group Sessions, Johan executes live trades, using 5-Min, 15-Min, 1-Hour, 4-Hour and EOD (End of Day) FOREX charts in real time. Furthermore, as part of their program, members can attend our full-day Live Group Sessions for free.

Live FOREX Webinar
FOREX Trading Webinar

Follow a FOREX Mentor in action during a FOREX Trading Webinar. During the webinar, Johan gives detailed trade plans from entry to exit, together with step-by-step live commentary. Most importantly, he executes live trades, using 15-Min and 1-Hour FOREX charts in real time. Also, members of the FOREX Mentorship receive free access to webinars as part of their program.

FOREX Coaching
Private FOREX Coaching

The Private FOREX Coaching sessions (contact sessions) are the perfect opportunity to receive personal attention for individual needs. In other words, Johan helps to customise strategies that fit your lifestyle. Moreover, the FOREX Mentorship Program members, as part of their program, receive free private FOREX Coaching sessions (contact sessions).


(The original testimonials can be viewed at our office.  Names have not been published to protect privacy).

Testimonials from our clients

"Johan, you are an inspiration! You are the best trader and the best teacher I have ever met! Your strategies are not theory! They have been tested and make money for that specific market! Your EOD trades have a RR and hit ratio way beyond my expectations. If it weren't for you, I would have given up trading for good. Thank you for everything."
“I want to thank you for your diligence, patience and commitment during my training session with you. You opened an entirely new area of the trading process for me. All my life, I had issues regarding entry and exits of trades. For 14 years of trading, I could never get that part of the trading right. Risk/reward and trailing stops were another landmines of mine. Thanks again, Johan! At last, I am showing nice profits again!"

More testimonials from our clients

"Thank you very much for creating the opportunity to trade alongside you; I learnt a great deal from you. I have been making many mistakes and understand the reason why I have lost money on particular trades and why I have missed setups on specific trades. You are like Market Surgeon the way you analyse the charts which come from years of experience."
"I want to thank you for your mentoring today! I enjoined it a lot. I take what you teach and say not lightly as I want to be a full-time trader as soon as I can. I'm very committed, and you have made a huge contribution to my (and my family) life educationally and financially. Please do what you do best and keep it up. I look forward to the next 12 months learning from you!"

A final word from Johan

It’s gratifying to see ordinary people become successful traders, by applying the tools and information that I’ve provided to them.

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