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Forex Course

Learn Forex Step-by-Step

Learn Forex step-by-step with Johan Malan.

Forex Course

Learn Forex step-by-step with Johan Malan.

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Forex Course
This comprehensive Forex Course takes you step-by-step through the currency trading market and introduce you to the core skills understood by all experienced traders. The online course is suitable for beginner, as well as experienced traders.

Forex Course Overview

Below is an overview of the Forex Course and what you will learn.

A complete set of trading terms and concepts you need to get started.

How leverage works and how to manage it to work for you, and not against you.

How to use a range of technical analysis techniques.

Several clear, practical trading strategies.

How to use price pattern identification to find setups.

How experienced traders find potential trades in live markets.

How to use candlestick patterns to time trade entries and exits.

How several layers of analysis combine to find good probability setups.

Clear rules on risk as well as money management.

The techniques you should use to limit your risk and maximise your profit.

Trading rules all traders should follow to be successful.

How to use derivatives to profit from falling, as well as rising markets.

How to prepare and implement a detailed trading plan.

Introduction to the popular MT4 Trading Platform.

Your trading style: are you a scalper, investor, or something in between?

Lots of trade examples by an experienced trader.

Learn step-by-step

Learn Forex Trading step-by-step with Johan Malan Forex trading step-by-step with veteran educator Johan Malan. Get expert guidance on how to start trading the world’s financial markets. The course is for committed individuals who want to learn sound skills to use when trading. You can’t trade unless you have a clear understanding of essential trading terms and how they apply in trading.

Johan explains how leverage in margin trading can work for you and how to use, and actively control it. He will get into the details of technical analysis: support and resistance, trends, channels and how this links through into trading strategies. Johan will introduce you to a range of price patterns that you can use to find trades and to set stop losses and targets.

Learn how to use candlestick patterns to identify time trade entries, exits and measure stop loss distances. Johan will introduce several important technical indicators to confirm the trend, as well as how to find overbought and oversold markets. He is also going to spend some time on market stages; in other words, how the psychological makeup of market participants changes over time and its impact on price.

Johan will also focus on risk and money management. Learn how to position size relative to the risk you’re taking on a trade, using the underlying volatility of the market. Also, Johan will show you practical examples, including identification of key trading levels and trade setups.

Learn how to compile a trading plan, including rules on entries, exits and risk management. Finally, see what you have learned in the course – the analysis, the entry techniques, the position sizing – applied to live market examples.

Coaching and mentoring are excluded. You are welcome to contact us for more information on The Ultimate Traders Programme, where Johan provides daily online coaching, as well as phone and email support.

Trading allows to defining your day to day activities and creating a workable, scalable plan for your retirement years.

Online Forex Course

Learn Forex step-by-step with Johan Malan. Get 60 days access to this comprehensive Forex Course.

Online Forex Course

Learn Forex step-by-step with Johan Malan.

Buy now and get 60 days course access!
Only R479

Here's what our clients say:

I have been trading on and off since the mid 1990’s. During this time, I’d tried and explored various advisors and systems both locally and internationally. In 2008 I attended a lecture by Johan and I immediately realised that he communicates the knowledge and fundamentals of trading in such a simplistic way that I can immediately understand it. Ever since then I have been following Johan. Out of the four other trading systems or schools I have explores and tried over the years of trading Johan is the only fulltime trader that is making a living out of trading and at the same time teach people to trade on a personal basis. He  is also constantly developing new systems and strategies that keep up with the changing market conditions. Johan is also the only person or entity that I have come across that coaches and guide you to trade the different strategies in the finest detail, on a constant basis. I have now reached the point that I am earning a constant income out of the market and no other system or trading school could help me to obtain this goal of mine.

K van Graan

Thank you very much for creating the opportunity to trade alongside you, it was a great day and I learnt a great deal from you. I have been making many mistakes and understand the reason why I have lost money on certain trades and why I have missed setups on certain trades.  You are like Market Surgeon the way you analise the charts which comes from years of experience.  Looking forward to my trading journey with you.


Johan, you are an inspiration!  You are the best trader and the best teacher I have ever met!  Your strategies are not theory!  They have been tested and make money for that specific market!  Your EOD trades have a RR and hit ratio way beyond my expectations.  If it wasn’t for you, I would have given up trading for good.  Thank you for everything.


I just want to thank you for your diligence, patience and commitment during my training session with you.  You opened an entire new area of the trading process for me.  All my life I had issues regarding entry and exits of trades.  For 14 years of trading I could never get that part of trading right.  Risk/reward and trailing stops was another landmine of mine.  Thanks again Johan!  At last I am showing nice profits again!


I just want to thank you for your mentoring today! I really enjoined it a lot.  I take what you teach and say not lightly as I want to be a full-time trader as soon as I can.  I’m very committed and you have made a huge contribution into my (and my family) life educationally and financially. Do what you do best and keep it up, I look forward to the next 12 months learning from you!!


The course in numbers

Below is an outlay of the course details in numbers.

Video Lessons

Each video lesson is between two and five minutes long.


The course has 14 chapters, each chapter focus on a specific topic.

Trading Strategies

There are six trading strategies included in the course.

Days Access

Get 60 days course access to learn at your own pace.

Who should ENROLL?

The course is for committed individuals who want to learn sound skills to use when trading. Secondly, it’s for you if you are willing to do what’s needed to reach your goals. And also, if you are educable and ready to learn.


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