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Cryptocurrency Hype

Cryptocurrency is the latest hype of the financial world which opens up lots of opportunities for individuals to make huge sums of money, however, it also leads to scammers taking advantage of unsuspected people.  Up to December 2017, it was a buyers market and increased in value almost on a daily basis.

It was possible to buy at any level without looking at any form of charting and still make a very good profit.  Things changed when the NYSE allowed Bitcoin trading on the futures market.  Currently it is not that easy anymore and it becomes increasingly important to study charts and price patterns.

Futures Trading

Before December 2017 there was no real selling.  Every time someone was buying Bitcoin it didn’t need a seller, the coin was mined and sold to the buyer.  With the NYSE futures traders entering the Bitcoin market, there is plenty of counter selling happening and that takes away the one-sided bullish trend, and replacing it with prices rising and falling with buying and selling pressure coming into the market.

Cryptocurrency Scammers

Scammers entice people to invest in all sorts of money making scams, and the internet is filled with devious ways of convincing individuals to invest their hard-earned money.  That’s why we came up with our daily coaching program videos, teaching clients to trade Cryptocurrency with a reputable and trusted Forex broker that we have used for Forex trading since 2012.

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Our Solution for Cryptocurrency Trading

We are taking the hype and the unnecessary risk of scams out of Cryptocurrency Trading, while keeping all the potential profits for our clients to explore, by using technical analysis and MetaTrader4.  By using CFD’s the trader can still capitalize on the difference in price movement as if owning the real Cryptocurrency.  We trade Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum daily.


Changing the financial world

The Digital coin has changed the world of finance. It was created to be transferred digitally between two parties without an intermediary.  Cryptocurrency is a decentralized virtual currency and has no physical format.  It is the beginning of a new border-less economy that is in the hands of individuals and not governments.

Cryptocurrency belongs to the people of the world where fiat currencies belong to the governments of the world.  It offers a unique way of storing and spending money anonymously.

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The technology used in cryptocurrency is very new and lots of institutions will soon incorporate it into there day to day business ventures which will increase demand.  All transactions get recorded in a digital public ledger called the blockchain and cannot be changed once the transaction is verified.

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum are among the most popular and most stable cryptocurrencies at present.

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