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Learn trading step-by-step with veteran trader and educator, Johan Malan. Get expert guidance and support on how to start trading Forex, Gold, and Indices. Learn how to identify opportunities in the markets using sound technical analysis techniques and clear trading strategies. Also, how to control your exposure to these opportunities and be clear, confident, and optimistic about your trading ability.


Trade Forex, Gold and Indices part-time, to practice a wealth-generating skill alongside your full-time job, until you are ready to apply your skills to make a living from full-time or Day Trading. The secret is to start trading small on a live account until your trading skills, as well as your emotions, allow you to increase positions in the market gradually.


Prosper, by being able to make money on low-risk trades and having time to enjoy life also. The goal is not to become a millionaire overnight, but to be able to generate a comfortable income month after month. Sustainable and consistency are critical factors for success. It is for committed individuals who want to understand trading, and develop trading skills to rely on for years to come.

Clear, practical trading strategies.

Sound technical analysis techniques.

Learn to generate sustainable income.

Generate money well into your retirement years.

Expert guidance and support.

New and experienced traders.

Develop essential trading skills.

Be clear and confident about your trading ability.


Learn Trading With Johan Malan

Johan has been a full-time trader, coach, and mentor in the financial markets since 2003. He will teach you a straightforward, structured approach, and develop your understanding of essential trading skills to enable you to apply them in live markets. Everything within a supportive, unpressured, and encouraging environment.

All programmes are suitable for beginners taking their first steps in trading, as well as experienced traders who want to brush up on their skills. It is not a get rich quick scheme, but for committed individuals who want to understand trading, and develop trading skills to rely on for years to come.

Trading Forex, Gold and Indices allow you to define your day to day activities and to create a workable, scalable plan for your retirement years.

The Ultimate Traders Programme

Learn Trading

What Our Clients Say

“Thanks for all your & Johan’s time today (and of course the cappuccino).

It was great to chat to you both.  I’ve been to many educators in my trading history – u guys are the most authentic.”

“Johan, you are an inspiration!  You are the best trader and the best teacher I have ever met!  Your strategies are not theory!  They have been tested and make money for that specific market!  Your EOD trades have a RR and hit ratio way beyond my expectations.  If it wasn’t for you, I would have given up trading for good.  Thank you for everything.”

“Thank you so much for the mail and the candles Cheat sheet master.  We also enjoyed being around you guys yesterday: it was awesome. 

We look forward to another beautiful day again and I can’t wait to meet you guys.”

“Thank you very much for creating the opportunity to trade alongside you, it was a great day and I learnt a great deal from you.  I have been making many mistakes and understand the reason why I have lost money on certain trades and why I have missed setups on certain trades.  You are like Market Surgeon the way you analise the charts which comes from years of experience.  Looking forward to my trading journey with you.”

“I just want to thank you for your diligence, patience and commitment during my training session with you.  You opened an entire new area of the trading process for me.  All my life I had issues regarding entry and exits of trades.  For 14 years of trading I could never get that part of trading right.  Risk/reward and trailing stops was another landmine of mine.  Thanks again Johan!  At last I am showing nice profits again!”

“I just want to thank you for your mentoring today! I really enjoined it a lot.  I take what you teach and say not lightly as I want to be a full-time trader as soon as I can.  I’m very committed and you have made a huge contribution into my (and my family) life educationally and financially. Do what you do best and keep it up, I look forward to the next 12 months learning from you!!”

"It's gratifying to see ordinary people become successful traders by applying the tools and information I've provided."
Johan Malan

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